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Director general

Candidate of technical Sciences, lecturer of the Department "structural mechanics" Leading researcher tsniisk them. V. A. Kucherenko

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Managing Director
Chief Architect

Member Of The Union Of Architects Of Russia

Bureau "StroyInzhener-Project" was founded in 2008 by the architect and designer Sergei Nikeshkinym Andrei Mikhailov. Three years later, after the staffing of architectural and design department, engineering department has been created, allowing to perform all the major design work by its own staff. In 2012, the company opened a laboratory provided with all necessary equipment for the technical inspection of buildings. At the same time the architectural division "StroyInzhener-Project" has been transformed into a creative workshop "Close-up." The structure of the company allows and efficiently lead the development of design documentation of objects of any complexity. The number of specialists - more than 50 people; their versatile skills make it possible to conduct the entire range of design work - from architectural concepts to field supervision on the construction.

The company "StroyInzhener-Project" uses in its work the latest and best solutions and approaches. All projects are carried out on the technology BIM - Building Information Modeling, BIM / construction. Application of BIM in times uvelivaet effectiveness of architects and designers reduce design time and make changes to the documentation, sates projects more information. "Green" standards LEED and BREAM allow you to design energy-efficient public and residential buildings that have a minimal impact on the natural environment and economical to operate.

Start with small objects from 100 m2, now the company is developing a project documentation and acts as general contractor for residential complexes, public buildings and industrial plants in the area of ​​hundreds of thousands of square meters. Among the clients - the largest Russian and international companies: "Sberbank", "Leroy Merlin", RTR, "Auchan", "RosEnergoKontrakt" and others. Fruitful creative union of the company's founders, the architect and designer, allows you to create outstanding architectural works, to ensure a high level of adaptability in the design of engineering systems and structures.